Elementary School

The Elementary division of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens offers afterschool and summer programs to children in kindergarten to 5th grade. Our goal is to bridge the achievement gap and build character by engaging them in academic and physical activities with positive role models. We strive to create a learning environment that fosters positive social and behavioral values.

Afterschool program members participate in enrichment classes that include art, technology, and hands-on science. They also receive homework assistance with the guidance from our trained staff and take part in collaborative programs like seasonal sports and dance. Members play active parts in program decisions, carrying out leadership roles and learning the importance of serving others.

Middle School

In our Pre-Teen department,  our program is based around leadership, stem, and athletics. In our leadership class, we identify various community service ideas to implement, they learn about careers and are guided/supported through their high school selection. In our stem class, we have both real-life hands-on situation based activities and computer science classes that we offer. Our athletics department ranges in sports from flag football, volleyball, basketball, etc. In addition, we also have clubs that are offered to our participants on particular day. The clubs that we offer are: Metro Queens Cafe (Cooking), Dance, Torch Club (Leadership), News Club, Robotics and Triple Play Soul (Social Recreation). We also assist in homework help and provide academic support to our members. When they enter into our program they are provided with a healthy snack, in the latter part of their day they are provided with a warm meal that is provided in a family style setting. MS 146

The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Queens offers a school based program at PS/MS 146 in Howard Beach.  The program runs from 3-6 M-F with in the school for students 6-8.  Focusing on academics and leadership students are able to choose from a variety of classes offered for a truly individualized and enriching afterschool experience

High School

In our Teens program, we offer mentoring to our participants to ensure that they are on the right track to graduating high school, in addition to mentoring them for high school, we offer them a financial literacy program that is beneficial to them now and in the long run. Our teen program offers a college and career support system that helps our members to prepare themselves for the world. College prep allows our members to dive into their interest and helps them to identify with what college/university would be the best choice for them. We take our kids on various trips and they also, go on several college tours through out the year. For career exploration, members are given the opportunity to go out into different fields and intern. We provide our members with an art science seminar, these activities are hands-on and stem related. In addition, members are allowed to partake in our gym for various sporting activities. We offer homework help, give our members snack and a hot meal that is served family style. Clubs range from Keystone (Leadership), dance, chorus, cooking. 

3K & Universal Pre-Kindergarten

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