ArtScience Prize engages students in the arts, design, sciences, and idea development to cultivate creativity and the ability to realize innovative project ideas generated in the classroom. Student projects and ideas focus on concepts in the arts and design fused with cutting-edge areas of study in the sciences. These idea concepts start as “seed ideas” proposed by artists, designers, scientists, and entrepreneurs that evolve in collaborative classes lead by skilled adult Program Mentors into innovative project ideas.

Through this groundbreaking curriculum that builds social skills, knowledge of project development techniques, and a basic foundation in creativity and the artistic process, students develop both the confidence to project a dream into concrete and realizable steps, and the ability to convince others to invest in dream realization. The program has allowed our students to travel to places such as Paris and Boston to have experts and investors from all over the globe to run workshops and to help further their idea concept.

College Tour

Each year we offer our college bound high-school members a closer look at colleges and universities throughout the country. With the help of our informative staff, qualifying members are guided through the processes of applying to college: from what to look for in a potential school choice, to how to apply for financial aid. These club members attend a week-long guided tour of selected schools where they are encouraged to ask questions and get the opportunity to learn more from admission representatives.

Our tours enable members to see what higher education has to offer while taking the pressures and stress out of this important decision.

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