iReady is an innovative program aimed at improving the math and reading skills of our Elementary and Middle School participants. Using diagnostic exams to determine individual needs, iReady tracks student’s progress and provides administrators with customized lesson plans that target areas requiring improvement. The curriculum is designed to align with New York State Common Core Standards in math and reading, helping prepare participants for the annual city-wide exams.

Power Hour

Power Hour is an important program where all members are required to complete academic coursework given to them from the school day. During this time, members are closely monitored and assisted by staff that specializes in wide ranges of academic expertise. As an incentive for completing assignments, participants are given “Power Points” which are redeemable for prizes during the school year. The aim is to encourage students to continually push themselves toward academic success by providing them with the guidance and tools they need to reach their goals.


The STEM program shows our youth the door-opening benefits of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The plan is to use fresh and creative programs like iReady, ArtScience, Kidz Math, Clay-Mation, and Brain Games to build upon what they learn during school, and increase the engagement of underrepresented youth in the fields of science and technology. Our program has been awarded by the New York Hall of Science for student projects and innovations. Aligned with the New York State Common Core Standards, STEM activities develop critical thinking skills and offer club members the chance to see the future opportunities that could arrive for them in these important fields.


Dance is a coed program that introduces club participants ages 6-19 to diverse styles of dance. Members are able to showcase their talents during the many events and shows throughout the school year, and gain experience through trips to see world renowned dance companies like Alvin Alley. This program encourages members to express themselves artistically, while promoting individual creativity and an appreciation for the arts.

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