Student of the Month

Jaeme Tucker: Jaeme Tucker is a 7th grade student who has been a member of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens for several years. Currently enrolled in our After-School program, Jaeme is an active participant of the various activities offered to our middle school members such as dance, Young Women’s Group and Torch Club.

Staff of the Month

Kamattie Singh: Being a part of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Queens for almost 4 years has taught me what a home away from home really means. Starting off as a volunteer urged me to seek out a summer job with this facility. For two summers I watched so many kids create an unbreakable bond. The connection between staff members and the kids has made me appreciate the impact that was left upon the children. Becoming a staff member while attending college full-time was a big step, but it was important for me to continue my career here; I couldn’t leave all of these vibrant personalities behind! When I became an Activity Specialist, I knew there was going to be a lot more work involved, but it is a privilege to pass-on knowledge of Art and Science to the growing minds of our club.

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